Amma Ka Achar

Amma ka Achar

Green Chilli Pickle | Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without oil – 400 gm


😝 Taste: Spicy, Tangy and Tasty.

✅Swaad jo dilaye bachpan ki yaad.

✅Homemade, handpicked and made with amma’s love.

✅Bina tel ka achar with health benefits hazaar. (Bina tel ki Mirchi Ka Achar)

✅Store in a cool & dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the green chilly pickle out.

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Green Chilli Pickle | Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without oil – 400 gm

Indulge in the fiery flavors of our Chilli Pickle, a culinary delight brought to you by Ammaka Aachar. Made with love and handcrafted with the finest ingredients, this pickle is sure to awaken your taste buds and add a zing to your meals.

🌶️ Premium Quality Chilli Pickle: Our Chilli Pickle is crafted using carefully selected, sun-ripened green chillies, ensuring the highest quality and superior taste. Each bite is a burst of bold, spicy goodness.

🌿 Traditional Recipe, Modern Twist: We take pride in preserving the traditional Indian pickle-making techniques while infusing a touch of modern culinary expertise. The result is a pickle that stays true to its roots while offering a unique and delightful twist.

🧡 Versatile and Flavorful: Ammaka Aachar’s Chilli Pickle is incredibly versatile. Enjoy it as a spicy accompaniment to your meals, pair it with parathas, rice, or your favorite snacks, or use it as a zesty ingredient in your culinary creations.

🥇 Handcrafted for Perfection: Each jar of Chilli Pickle is lovingly prepared in small batches to ensure the utmost quality and freshness. Our commitment to excellence means you get a product that exceeds your expectations.

🍃 No Artificial Preservatives: We believe in offering you the purest and most natural flavors. That’s why our Chilli Pickle contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or additives.

👨‍🍳 Created by Culinary Experts: Our team of passionate chefs and pickle artisans meticulously handcrafts every jar, bringing you a taste of homemade goodness that’s been perfected over generations.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Looking for a unique and delightful gift for a food enthusiast? Ammaka Aachar’s Chilli Pickle is the perfect choice. Surprise your loved ones with a jar of authentic, mouthwatering flavor.

Give your taste buds a spicy treat and elevate your meals with Ammaka Aachar’s Chilli Pickle. Order now to experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in every bite. It’s time to add a fiery kick to your culinary adventures!

Ingredients used to make green chilly pickle:

Green chillies, turmeric, salt, mustard oil, coriander, mustard dal (green chilli pickle with mustard), garlic, fenugreek, cumin, karayat, fennel, clove. 

How we pack mirchi ka achar in a jar:

Green Chilli Pickle | Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without oil

  1. Washing the green peppers is the first step in the pickling process. After being washed, the tails are cut off and allowed to dry in the sun for a day to remove any remaining moisture. The dry green chilies are mixed with salt, turmeric, and lemon juice, and the mixture is then left out in the sun for one or two days.
  2. When the green chilli starts to soften a little, it’s time to add the spices. This stuffed green chilli pickle uses less spices because the flavour is primarily determined by the heat of the chilies.
  3. Before being added, the spices are ground, combined, and roasted in the proper amounts. The mixture is kept in the sun daily for 6-8 hours for 5-7 days after the spices have been added.
  4. The best (Stuffed green chilli pickle) green chilly pickle is ready to fit in the jar.

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3. Fill all the details then your Tasty Achar will be delivered to you door steps.

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Green chilly pickle, hari mirch ka achar
Green Chilli Pickle | Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without oil - 400 gm