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Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without Oil |Hari Mirch Ka Achar Bina Tel Wala

Everyone enjoys eating with taste, make your dining table unique. And since we all want the best flavour in every meal—a flavour that can instantly lift our spirits—”Amma Ka Achar” introduces “hari mirch ka achar without oil” to take place at your dining table.

Name Of the productChilli Pickle
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Quantity Available200 gm , 400 gm , 750 gm
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Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without Oil |Hari Mirch Ka Achar Bina Tel Wala

The use of green chili adds flavor to the food. If there is no chili in the food, then no matter how many spices you add, but the food will not taste good. That’s why “Amma ka achaar” has brought you a pickle made without oil.

A green chilli should always be present on the dining plate during the winter. We also eat more chillies in the winter, which is a really healthy practise.

(Chilli Pickle) Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without Oil | Hari Mirch Ka Achar Bina Tel Wala

However, not everyone can appreciate the flavour of chilies since some people find them to be too pungent, and as a result, they are unable to benefit from the green chili’s beneficial properties.

Experts believe that green chilli is more beneficial for both taste and health than red chilli. Many properties are found in green chillies which are beneficial in controlling diabetes and weight.

And keeping all these things in mind, “Amma ka achaar” has been made for you, “hari mirch ka achar without oil“, which is not only tasty but also beneficial.

The traditional Indian pickle is made by boiling the ingredients in oil. But, it can be done without oil too.

Some people have a misconception that hari mirch ka achar cannot be made without oil. But, this is not true because the ingredients are boiled in water and then mixed with other ingredients to make it. There are many recipes of hari mirch ka achar without oil available on the internet that you can try out to make this pickle at home.

In India, there is no shortage of recipes for making this pickle without oil and some of them have been passed down from generation to generation.

Hari mirch ka achar without oil is a spicy and tangy dish. It is not very difficult to make this dish.

The more pungent the chili is in eating, the more are the benefits of eating it. Chilli helps to protect from many diseases, Chilli is rich in nutrients, Chilli pickle is rich in anti-oxidants, which fight against the bacteria of the body which are harmful to the body.

Vitamin C and many nutrients are present in chili pickle, along with elements like iron, calcium, and potassium are also found in it, which are very beneficial for health, as well as it helps in the growth of good bacteria. Increases and relieves digestive problems, strengthens your immune system and protects against infections.

How to make Hari Mirch Ka Achar Without Oil |Hari Mirch Ka Achar Bina Tel Wala?

The ingredients required to make this dish are:

-1/2 kg of green chillies,

-1/4 kg of salt,

-1/4 kg of sugar,

-3 tbsp of red chilli powder,

-2 tbsp of turmeric powder.


You must try the hari mirch ka achar without oil by ” Amma ka Achar“. it is not only healthier but more flavorful than other pickles, but it is also created differently and without oil. After eating it once, it’ll help enhance your taste buds.

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