Amma Ka Achar

Amma ka Achar
Chilli pickle
Amma ka Achar

Jod de joh dilo

ke tar, aisa hai

hamari amma

ka achar.

Pickles have been a part of Indian cuisine for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. We started Amma ka Achar with the same approach when the pickles made from Amma’s special recipe can retain the taste of the mouth, childhood memories and the importance of Indian spices which is somewhere fading away. Our pickles are made from the freshest ingredients and are perfect for any meal.

Amma ka achar is all about homemade pickles, picked fresh from our farm and made with absolutely no preservatives. Our pickles come in a variety of flavors, so there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Abb kare tareef har dukaandar, aap bhi try kare amma ka achar.

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The process of brining fruits, vegetable and meat in an acidic medium to induce anaerobic fermentation is not a new innovation. It was first experimented by early humans and has been existent ever since. Pickling likely first originated in ancient Mesopotamia around 2400 BCE. Archeological studies suggest pickling of cucumbers was a common practice in Tigris valley around 4000 years ago. It drastically improved the shelf life of the food so that it remained edible in the lean season. This experiment played a major role in sustaining and expanding our ancestors in the much warmer climate. This method travelled far and wide to Europe, Caucasus, Asia minor and South east Asia.


The debate over the origin of ‘Achaar’ in India among culinary historians is yet inconclusive nonetheless it was nothing short of a major milestone. The discovery of glazed pottery and large jars in Indus Valley Civilisation suggest pickling was a common practice. In due course, the humble pickle was improved. India being the cradle of Spices could not have led this basic pickling process go around without adding the ‘Masala’. Spices like pepper, long pepper, chillies, turmeric, coriander, sesame, cumin, fennel and love-in-a-mist made this simple brined pickle, the Achaar we know today. The most gracious of mods was the bittersweet tangy mustard oil. The Indian journey of pickle converted it from a mere preservation technique to a whole-hearted tongue-twisting, eye-winking, lip-smacking umami we know of.


Achaar’s popularity in the Indian subcontinent as a condiment is unmatched. The regional variations depict the significance of it in indian culinary traditions. The humble not-so-noble Achaar on your plate might appear insignificant but it’s legacy is older than anything you see around. It had shared plates with our ancestors and will still be around for the generations to come. For the Achaar, all it wants is your love and a little bit of fun in your boring daal-chawal....

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